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Rocky Mountain Antler Co


The Moose in the forest will stand alone.

The Moose  in the room will have all eyes on.

With beauty and grandeur no others can compare.

This large Moose Chandelier will be sure to  warm your space.


 Starting at $5295.00

          38"- 44" Diameter X 30"High

          48"- 52" Diameter X 34"-60"High

          58" -62" Diameter X 36"-72" High

          68"-72" Diameter X 40" "-72" High

  • Natural shed Moose antler

  • ​​Includes rusted iron patina chain, matching canopy & LED bulbs.

  • UL Listed components to conform with absolute safety and quality.

  • All wiring is concealed internally.

  • Any of our chandeliers can be built to customer's preferred dimensions and custom configurations


 Contact us today to discuss the perfect  

Antler Chandelier for you!


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